LPOAC General Meeting

October 12, 2018 at 6:55pm JD’s Hall

Open with the pledge of allegiance

Meeting called by: Jeff Laybourne.  Last meeting minutes read by Morgan Beitey – Aimee & Gary approved/second, all in favor.


Introduce new people in the room and welcome them.

TREASURER REPORT:  Checking Balance: $9,196.13 (this balance includes the $2,000 Avista check for the fall derby); Petty Cash: $149.  Expenses:  Office supplies <$69.90>



Had the largest turnout ever, along with the largest fish caught.  The payout was the largest ever.


New business –

  1. Need more hats. Gary let the club know we could get hats at 10.50/hat.

Hat colors discussed:  Pink camo; Sand camo; Grey camo; and Black

Gary will see if they could get hats prior to the auction.  It was discussed to sell the hats at $25 each.


  1. Kokanee Blue Pend Oreille Charters had the biologist from the net boat was on his boat. Fin clips and log books was discussed.
  2. The club would like to have her (the biologist) come talk to the club.
  3. They are allowing people back on the net boats, you need to contact Andy from F&G to schedule a time to go out.


Derby news:

SCALES – The new scales are dead on!  They are located at all weigh stations.

The Wheel has a scale and will weigh fish that come in later in the evening after other scales are closed.

Jeff talked about having a scale to weigh on after hours at MacDonalds.



Need more communication to members possibly by email.

Suggestion:  dot org – bulletin board type of communication.  Needs moderator, may have a connection with new member George Petech



We need to make sure JDs will have enough bartenders

Aimee will look into getting chairs & tables from Athol or Bayview

We need to know who will pick them up and who will return them

We need to make sure we have enough volunteers

Remember to bring candy for the kids

We need to get a square to have the ability to take credit cards

If you are going to volunteer or someone wants to volunteer, contact Aimee 208-561-1694 or Dawn 208-660-1363


DUCKS – Kokanee Blue Pend Oreille Charters would like to purchase four ducks.


Need to have sponsors by 15th to get the order in on time for printing

Sponsors we have:

Gaffaney Electric; North Idaho Marine Electronics; Kokanee Blue Pend Oreille Charters; Raymarine; Sportsman’s Warehouse; Scott Neer Tree Services; Blacksheep; Hecla Montana


PayPal up on the site – we get payment information from those signing up for memberships, just not receiving the form.  Marty is working with GoDaddy to fix this.

We are only excepting memberships online at this time.


Other business:

Lights outside of JDs Hall


50/50 Skylar – new member winner received $38.  $37 went to the club


Meeting adjourned 8:07pm by Randy, second Eric. Next LPOAC General Meeting: November 9 at 6:30 p.m. JD’s Hall

Finances for October meeting:

Membership: $30

4 derby tickets sold $300

50/50 $37

Collected one (1) Careywood coffee gift card

Counted by Aimee and Gary