June 2019


Meeting Minutes June 14, 2019


LPOAC was called to order at 6:55p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance / treasure report on agenda – last month’s meeting minutes read/approved.


Old business

  1. Spring Derby 161 adult tickets sold 17 youth – need to check with those who want more information.
  2. Auction for October 29 at JD’s Hall start time was set for 6:00 pm
  3. Big thank you to Christine Brochier who donated $1000 to the Predator derby.
  4. Freezer placement
    1. Odie’s – Club Freezer was purchased and placed. Odie’s will keep year-round.
    2. MacDonald’s – Club will purchase a freezer for Gary, and he will keep it year-round.
    3. Holiday Sores – Club will purchase a smaller freezer which will placed only during derbies.


New business

  1. Veteran & First Responders fishing – Saturday, June 15 – 8 to 10 people participate and be at the docks at 6 a.m. – should have them sign release of liability form.
  2. Lake community services ideas
    1. IF&G traveling trailer – donate time to help
  3. Guest speaker possibilities

Hecla Mining; Avista

  1. Fall Derby
    1. Getting scales certified
    2. Got new 60# scale, will locate at Odie’s. It’s a digital scale / can be used to weigh state records.
    3. Fish weighing procedure
      1. Weigh stations will have a paid weigh master.
      2. Weigh master located on dock when fishing boat comes in, will check all anglers on board to be sure all have derby tickets before weighing the fish.
  • Will measure than weigh fish.
  1. Only person to handle the fish and keep the fish is the weigh master.
  2. Top fish will be placed by weigh master in locked freezer.
  1. Inspection of fish at the ceremony
    1. Re-weigh; Re-measure; Metal detector will be used over fish.
  2. Derby ticket prices
  3. If over derbied – will put a cap on ticket sales
  1. Predator Derby – Baby steps, positive response so far, see where we can take this.
  2. New derby tickets
    1. Suggested we put date/time at top or keep the same and make anglers be responsible. Need to educate the anglers, disqualification if this is not filled out at time of purchase.

Other information:

North 40 CDA – wants more information on sponsorship

RnR RV wants info on sponsorship

We need to put pics up at brag walls – need to get releases from pictured angler so we can do this.

50/50 Doug Sheldon won $45 his split; Doug donated back to sponsor a Duck plus $55 cash. Club donated a hat for drawing.  It was suggested that we order club tank tops.


Adjourned by Marty at 7:42 p.m.. The next general meeting will be at 6:30p.m. July 12, 2019 at JD’s Hall, Bayview.    Minutes by:  Aimee   Board meeting held at the Wheel at 5:30 prior to the general meeting.