Lake Pend Oreille Angler’s Club (LPOAC) Derby Rules


  1. All participants agree to abide by Idaho Fish & Game rules and regulations, General public regulations shall apply to all commercial fishing license holders. If any angler receives an Idaho Fish and Game violation citation during any derby, all anglers in the boat will also be disqualified from the derby.
  2. Every licensed Idaho angler in a boat must have a derby ticket. All persons on that boat who have a current Idaho fishing license must be registered in the derby.
  3. Participants must register prior to fishing the derby. Angler must have in possession a derby ticket to enter a fish.
  4. Youth 13 and under must be registered prior to fishing (Free). They may register as an adult (Adult Fee) to be eligible for adult prizes only. If registered as an adult they may not weigh a fish in the youth division. Youth must also abide by all Fish and Game rules and regulations.
  5. Only fish caught from Lake Pend Oreille will be permitted in the LPOAC derby’s and to be weighed at LPOAC dedicated weigh stations.
  6. Fish caught for a LPOAC derby will be weighed at a registered and approved dedicated weigh stations only. Derby end dates and times will be published for each derby. Fish caught for that derby must be weighed in by or before the derby end time/date. Derby dates and times will be listed at LPOAC.ORG and Lake Pend Oreille Angler’s Club Facebook Page.
  7. All fish entered in the derby that are eligible for prizes must be intact with entrails, and must be delivered as a directed and announced by the Derby Master for inspection if called out, and be present at awards ceremony.
  8. Multiple weigh-ins are allowed. You cannot hold more than one place in a derby unless it is stipulated. You can only hold one place per category.
  9. In the event a weigh-in is a tie, the first fish weighed in will determine winner.
  10. Any dispute of eligibility will be determined by LPOAC Board members, and all decisions will be final.
  11. LPOAC has a three strike you’re out policy referred in the LPOAC bylaws. If you are in violation of this policy, it will be determined by the board of directors and board members if a fish caught will be eliminated. The Board of Directors will have the final say. Any person caught cheating will be disqualified, and all will be banned from any other LPOAC derbies.
  12. There are NO refunds of Derby registrations fees.
  13. When you enter and purchase a derby ticket you acknowledge and agree that Lake Pend Oreille Angler’s Club is not responsible for any injuries, damages, theft, fires, liabilities of losses of any kind to entrants. Angler agrees to assume all liability for their own actions and those on their vessel.
  14. Please respect your fellow Angler’s and others on the lake, and surroundings. Help keep our lake clean, fish safe and fish on!