April 2019


Meeting Minutes April 12, 2019


The regular meeting of the LPOAC was called to order at 6:40p.m. on April 12, 2019 in Bayview called by Jeff Laybourne.

Pledge of Allegiance

Last month meeting minutes and treasurer report were read and approved.


Old business

Showed the plaques that we will be presenting our $500 or more sponsors

Showed the club jackets and let everyone know that we have an order sheet for those who would like to order.

New business

State of the Lake meeting – We had a good turn out at the meeting. The State of the Lake meeting was huge and a good success with no outburst.  They had good information and the meeting went well.


Spring Derby posters will be updated and printed.  Packets will be put together and distributed.  Entry fee was set to one general fee of $40 member or non-member.  Work on getting sponsors.  We will have ducks for the spring derby.


Clean up is set for April 13 with a potluck to follow.  10:00 meeting time: Meet Jeff Laybourne up north and Meet at JD’s hall for clean up around Bayview.  We will have trash bags.  Bring the garbage back and place in Calvin’s pickup.  Join for the potluck at JD’s hall at 1:00 p.m.  Rain or shine.


Dave Aggen did a Walleye class.


Membership collected $490

50/50 collected $80


Thank you, Dave Aggen, for all the good information.  Adjournment Meeting was adjourned. The next general meeting will be at 6:30p.m. May 10, 2019 at JD’s Hall, Bayview.    Minutes by:  Dawn

There was a board meeting held at the Wheel at 5:30 prior to the general meeting on all subjects above.

LPOAC is a club for men, women, and children interested in the education, preservation, and being great stewards to keeping Lake Pend Oreille one of the greatest fisheries in the Northwest.  We are dedicated to all species of fish that use Lake Pend Oreille as their home.