March 2019


Meeting Minutes March 8, 2019



The regular meeting of the LPOAC was called to order at 6:40p.m. on March 8, 2019 in Bayview called by Calvin Nolan.

Pledge of Allegiance

Last month meeting minutes and treasurer report were read and approved. February meeting cancelled due to weather


Old business

Election results:

  • President – Calvin Nolan
  • V-President – Jeff Laybourne
  • Treasury – Esau Clauson
  • Secretary – Dawn Nolan
  • Secretary 2 – Aimee McCorkle
  • Information officer – Marty Jones


PA system – was purchased.

Plaques – no new update


New business

State of the Lake meeting – Will be held in April 4 at 6 pm in Pondery.  It’s important to have people attend and voice their thoughts and opinions.  If you cannot attend, if you want something expressed, send info to  An email will go out to email address’ on file to invite to this meeting.


Talked to Andy with IDFG – there are no more incentives other than the Avista Mac money.


Calvin shared what he found out about the fishing pond.  It is very expensive and getting on the list is a long wait.  Also to get on the list for the fish, it takes up to 2 years for mature fish.  Need to purchase permits to transport fish along with purchasing of the fish.  Jeff is going to talk to the guys at shows and get more info.


Freezers – it was voted on to get the smaller freezers 7Q.  Calvin will check at Lowes to get the price on four of them.  We need to have storage to store them.  Was voted on to purchase 4.

Discussed – All weigh stations to process fish the same.  Measured & weighed the same.  Fish need to be seized at the time of weigh in and placed in locked freezer.  Purchase freezers before the Spring derby to try out process.


Fuel at Odies – find out more details.


Storage for the club items.  A few storages were looked into, Farragut and Affordable storage in Athol at $125/per month. Brandon is going to look into the storage unit in Athol and get back with fees.

Jim Olson offered a spot on his property to have a storage built.  Ricky McCorkle offered to build that building.  We need to see what the cost of building materials would be.

There was also a storage unit in Sandpoint for a non-profit for $140/per month

This has been tabled until next meeting.


Jeff Laybourne talked to Sandpoint chamber and it is $140 for non-profit to be a member.  Voted to be a member.


Club Cleanup Day– Date was set for April 13th.  To meet at JD’s hall at 10:00 am.  Time 10 am to 1 pm.  We have garbage bags to hand out.  There will be a potluck to follow at 1:30 at JD’s Hall.  Details will be placed on the webpage and FB.


Jackets to be ordered prior to the State of the Lake meeting.  Gary Beitey will orchestrate this by getting jacket samples to pick from.  Color had already been set to dark blue.  The logo will go on the back of the jacket with option of name on the front.  Prices will be determined after a jacket has been selected and a quote comes back.  Will need a signup list for pre order.  Club will pay and members will pay the club for the jacket.

Hats – Gary will send a selection of hats to be voted on.


Dave Aggen will be at next month’s meeting to do a Walleye class.

The LPOIC was mentioned and we would like to reach out to them and help if possible.


Got back to the IDFG State of the Lake and discussed some items we may want to bring to the meeting:

Possibly close the tribs.

Compromise with either closing them on week days or weekends

Do a study on small mouth bass and see content in stomach.

Stop netting

Let anglers manage fish –

Marty will put information on the Webpage and FB. Get opinions of negative impact, educate.


Talked about getting a booth over Bayview days. Along with doing our auction on the 5th from 6-9. Need to check with JD Hall to see if we can do this.  Also having a food truck there.


Welcome new people


Look into having a banner made.


Sponsorships – look into new ones.  North and Valley Sportsman coming together to donate.  Start collecting now for auction.


50/50 raffle $130 to split. Dawn Nolan gave her half back to the club.

Youth money collected $35.90

Membership collected $70


Adjournment Meeting was adjourned. The next general meeting will be at 6:30p.m. April 12, 2019 at JD’s Hall, Bayview.    Minutes by:  Dawn

There was a board meeting held at the Wheel at 5:30 prior to the general meeting on all subjects above.