January 2019


Meeting Minutes January 11, 2019


The regular meeting of the LAKE PEND OREILLE ANGLERS CLUB was called to order at 6:40p.m. on January 11, 2019 in Bayview called by Calvin Nolan.


Calvin Nolan, Jeff Laybourne, Esau Clauson, Marty Jones, Dawn Nolan, Aimee McCorkle (There were 7 board members present, and 17 members/visitors present).

Pledge of Allegiance

Last month meeting minutes were read and approved.

Old business

Discussed emails / election

PA system – we are looking to buy one if anyone has any idea.

Plaques – no new update

Scales – getting certified

New business

Weigh stations – look into purchasing freezers, look at pricing and weigh stations that they could be located at. Bring to a vote at the next meeting.

Storage units – look into them – Brandon

Auction – talked about having it June 21 at JD’s Hall

Spring derby – percent of total proceeds

Talked about placing minutes on FB page.

Do we want to join the Bayview Chamber of Commerce?  Was voted on, yes.  Jeff Laybourne will talk to Sandpoint and Clark Fork.

Bayview Chamber of Commerce is $40 a year.

Lake Shore Cleanup before lake comes up – Bob will look into this.  Also talked about doing a BBQ Clean up, look into locations.

Club Colors – Navy Blue – All in Favor.

Predator derby – Pike, Walleye, Pike Minnow, Mackanaw – Payout – Split, work out details

We could possibly donate fish to birds of prey

Look into Avista see if there is a Pike Minnow incentive that they pay out.  Ask Andy Dux (Calvin & Jeff)

Talked about the Lakes commission meetings and needing to attend these meetings.

Membership forms do not have family emails, corporate emails.  Would like members to add this information to the form.

Brett Surplus – Reel Sportsman – Answered Q’s on his production & let us know what it’s about.

50/50 raffle $40 went to Brandon, way to go Brandon

Jeff donated Superfly’s – Way to go Marty for the win!

Kids money collected $15

Membership collected $850

Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 7:40. The next general meeting will be at 6:30p.m. February 8, 2019 at JD’s Hall, Bayview.    Minutes submitted by:   Aimee and Dawn