JULY 2018


Meeting Minutes July 13, 2018

The regular meeting of the LAKE PEND OREILLE ANGLERS CLUB was called to order at 6:45p.m. on July 13, 2018 at the Captain’s Wheel in Bayview by Calvin Nolan.

President – Calvin Nolan; Secretary – Dawn Nolan
Board members, Doug Sheldon, Bob Wiley, and Scott Chamberlain

Financials were read and approved.

How we as a club should measure fish, pinching the tail or not. Vote was unanimous for pinching the tail with those at the meeting. It was asked that we put this vote out to the board members and directors for the period of one week for a vote. Voting must be back to Dawn no later than Sunday, July 23.

Website development and PayPal were tabled until those working on that subject are present or more information is available.

Newsletter is being worked on by Staci Johnson / Dawn Nolan. Once done send to all members. It was discussed about sending out to the other club. Was decided to send an invite to other club directors and leave it up to them if they would like to share with their club members.

Tape measure or yard stick for measurements for youth. Vote was unanimous to use a yard stick verse a cloth measuring tape. Bob Wiley will sponsor this by purchasing the yard sticks.
Youth age was also discussed, unanimous vote showed to change youth age in the B category to start at the age of 5 years. The new age for Youth B will be 5-8 years.

Fish bags – we will purchase a clear color bag to distinguish LPOAC fish bags from the other club. We will place the bags at weigh stations.

Board member meetings will be discussed with just board members and directors.

Ralph’s Derby
Chad Cadnum and Ralph’s girls will take the lead on Ralph’s Derby. The Club will back them. We want to keep this derby going as the tradition it has already been and a tribute to Ralph.
It was decided that we will reach out to other venders for ticket sales.
We will place on our FB and website.
Derby is set for the first weekend in October.
Name is Ralph’s Memorial Octoberfish.

Club activity for the benefit of the lake and the fish was tabled for future discussion.

Club Hats – are available for sale both in a black or a pink $20 each. A big thank you to Esau for getting the first round of club hats put together.

Fall Derby
We need to get a flyer draft out as soon as possible.
Topics discussed:
Start flyers/posters
Date, rules, prize money
Derby ticket will be amended to show method of measuring of the fish.
Sponsors and backing for this derby
Placements: 10K 6K 2K
First and second will be backed by Beneficial’s that are already in place per Calvin Nolan and Bob Wiley. What money’s are not raised will be backed by these beneficiaries.
Placements were voted on, Bob Cox motioned first and Brad Gliddon motioned 2nd to set dollar amounts for placements.
Entry Fee: proposed – was voted on and motioned by: Doug Sheldon motioned 1st and Brad Gliddon motioned 2nd.
Members to pay $75
Non-members to pay $110
Will put out to board members, directors to be voted on. Votes must be back to Dawn no later than Sunday, July 23.
We would like to get details out to the press as soon as possible.
Have sponsor rates – sponsor handouts for club members to help bring in sponsors.
Members bonus payout:
It was unanimous to have a payout to our members at $500 / $300 / $200

Certification on our scales:
Discussion was held on the need to certify our scales. Bob Wiley will research and we will have our scales certified prior to the Fall Derby.

Winner of 50/50 raffle was Jim Olson, $81 total and Jim donated back to the club! Thank you Jim,!

We had a club drawing for two new club hats.

Meeting was adjourned at by Calvin Nolan. The next general meeting will be at 6:30p.m. on August 10, 2018, at the Captains Wheel, Bayview, unless other location becomes available and announced prior to meeting. Minutes submitted by: Dawn Nolan