LPOAC General Meeting

December 7, 2018 at 6:30pm JD’s Hall

Open with a moment of silence for the recognition of Pearl Harbor Day; after a moment the pledge of allegiance

Meeting called by: President Calvin Nolan.  Financials were read by Dawn Nolan –approved Bob Wiley and second by Marty Jones, all in favor.


Introduce new people in the room and welcome them.

TREASURER REPORT:  Checking Balance: $16,626.04

Since last treasurer report: Starting balance of $9,196.13


Fall Derby T-shirts                              -$932.55

Uline – Fishing Bags                              -$89.96

Fall Derby Payout:                         -$26,800.00

USPS Post office box fee:                     -$54.00

Office Max – membership Forms:      -$32.60

Bank adjustment                                   -$10.00

Walmart – derby supplies                   -$44.29

LPOAC Scales                                       -$943.52

Costco – last meeting supplies           -$72.85


PayPal Transfer online membership transfer:           $115.62

October meeting deposit:                                           $1877.00

Auction/Derby tickets/memberships deposit:     $29,016.95

Bank ending balance as of Dec. 7, 2018                 $16,626.04

Was discussed how much insurance was going to run for 2019, and it was estimated at about $2,000.


Officers nominated for the ballet for 2019 election

President – Calvin Nolan and Bob Wiley were nominated

Vice President – Jeff Laybourne was nominated

Treasurer – Esau Clauson was nominated

Secretary – Dawn Nolan and Aimee McCorkle were nominated

~New position for Public Relations/Information – to keep the Website and Facebook page updated along with other public relationship responsibilities~

Public Relations / Information – Marty Jones and Stephen Johnson were nominated


New Board Members – All voted to be new members

Jim Gaffaney

Josh Rieger

Jim Olson

Branden Mason


2019 Derby Dates discussion –

  1. Spring Derby – May 30 – June 2 motioned Bob Wiley second by Marty Jones
  2. Predator Derby – June 22-23 motioned Bob Wiley, second by Rick Gillmor
    1. Jeff Laybourne would like this to have Walley, Pike, Squaw Fish, along with the Mackinaw to be included in this derby.
  3. Fall Derby – October 30 – November 3. Was voted on to be a 5-day derby.

Adopt a family for the Holidays – It was voted on to use the family that Esau found in need.  He will get the full details to us on the family.  It was voted to give the family a $500 gift card to Walmart, so they may get what they are need of, food, clothes, etc.


Plaque – Was voted on to have a fish plaque done to give to sponsors and weigh stations.  Dawn will check on getting these made.


Patch Fish Patch – this was discussed if LPOAC wanted to start doing a patch for a Lake patch fish – the club voted and declined doing a patch.  Wanted to leave this with the other club.


Future Business

General Meetings will stay at JD’s hall on the 2nd Friday of each month at 6:30 pm

Board meetings will be moved to the Wheel and be held at 5:00 pm.


New Business –

              PA System – The club needs to get a PA system, this was voted on.

Stephen Johnson knows someone, also Calvin also knows someone.  Stephen was voted to take care of this.

Scholarship program/Grant – Bob Wiley presented:

  1. Bob talked about finding an undergraduate in Biology study from U of I to see about doing a study on Small Mouth Bass on the stomach contents.
  2. What is the impact of the Small Mouth Bass.
  3. Bob thought possibly this student could build data and present the findings to IF&G.
  4. He was thinking someone in their last year.
  5. How would we go about doing something like this? Need more information.  Come up with a plan.
  6. Table to discuss later.

Cleaning of the lake – Having a voice.  When are the meetings for the public.  Rick Gillmor and Stephen Johnson will get more information.

Safety issue – boat safety – Jeff talked about life jackets and ventilation on propane heaters.

Kokanee count – some information that was discussed that according to IF&G, our Kokanee count is three times more and the bait is healthy.



50/50 winner received $91 and $91 went to the club.


Meeting adjourned 7:37pm by Rick, second Gary Beitey. Next LPOAC General Meeting: January 11 at 6:30 p.m. JD’s Hall

Finances for October meeting:

Membership: $40 (new membership)

Kids fund – $40

50/50 $91

Counted by Dawn / verified by Marty Jones